Medical care in Málaga



How long will I wait for a doctor?

Around 25 to 30 minutes. However, our Call Centre confirms each case in order to have as much information as possible.

Can I go straight to the hospital?

Yes, once you get in touch with our free Call Centre, we notify the Hospital about your arrival to the ER and send to your phone the location of the nearest medical centre or hospital.

Does my travel insurance cover this care?

With your travel insurance or medical care, you’ll be assisted in your language upon arrival at the hospital; the procedures will be managed with your insurance, prioritising you proceeding to the ER as fast as possible.

Do doctors speak my language?

The medical team speaks English and some other languages depending on the doctor that sees you.

Do you have ambulances?

In case of needing an ambulance, we’ll manage it and notify the hospital of your arrival. This ambulance service is included in most of insurance coverage for international clients so you won’t have to pay for it.

What if I need hospital admission?

In case of needing hospital admission, they’ll assign you a single room and take care of organising everything for the person who comes with you, among other things.