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About us



IMS is a medical and healthcare services company founded more than 40 years ago by Dr. Pablo Ramis.

He began his activity with medical professionals who were concerned about the deficient health care in hotel facilities that resulted in unacceptable delays in medical care and massive infections due to poor handling of food (salmonella) and water (legionella).

Dr. Pau Ramis developed a care network with doctors who cared for foreign patients all over the island.

He improved direct patient care and established Hygiene and Health controls 10 years before the Ministry of Health did.

He also partnered with Reference Hospitals, as well as other medical centres in various points of the Balearic geography, in order to care for foreign patients in their specific medical and foreign insurance needs.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE was born from this parent company 12 years ago, chaired by Dr. Pau Ramis with the purpose of providing qualified ambulatory and hospital coverage that was appropriate to the needs of international patients.

And also offer assistance to hotel facilities with full Hygiene and Health controls (kitchens, water, training, etc.).

As well as offering tourism professionals (Owners, directors, Managers, etc.) in hotels qualified medical assistance with VIP criteria in order to provide a highly professional service.

Once the project was consolidated in Majorca, expansion began to different areas of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

IMS is currently consolidated in BARCELONA, TARRAGONA, MADRID, MALAGA and THE CANARY ISLANDS. With the goal of expanding to further regions.


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