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24-hours medical care in Playa de Muro

IMS Medical has the best doctors in the Playa de Muro area ready to treat any type of emergency during your stay. If you are on holiday in Playa de Muro and need a doctor, call us and we will find a specialist who can treat you in English or in the language you prefer.

If you have a medical emergency in Playa de Muro, contact our 24 hour call centre and one of our staff will attend to you in English or your language so that you can easily explain your case and we can find and refer you to an available doctor near Playa de Muro who will treat you as soon as possible.

Don't know exactly where you are? Don't worry, with our "Find me" location system we can find out where you are in Playa de Muro so we can send you medical help quickly.

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