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Doctors 24H in Playa de Palma

Do you need an emergency doctor in Playa de Palma?

Receive medical attention at your accommodation or at the nearest clinic to Playa de Palma

At IMS Medical we work with doctors of all specialties located in the Playa de Palma area and surroundings. If any emergency arises during your stay in this town, you can call us and we will find a doctor who will treat you as soon as possible and in your language.

Our emergency telephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will assist you in your language (Spanish, English or German) so that you can explain your case to us without any complications and we can give you medical assistance quickly at through the doctor or medical center that is closest to you.

Thanks to our App and our geolocation software, you can tell us where in Playa de Palma you are so that we can assign you one of our doctors in this area.

24/7 medical assistance in Playa de Palma and surroundings.

Reference hospitals and medical centers near Playa de Palma.

Do you need an ambulance? We send it to your hotel or apartment in Playa de Palma.

International medical team that will assist you in your language.

Request a doctor in Playa de Palma directly from the App.

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